Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Get Educational Sites Unblocked

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My blog is suddenly being blocked by the BISD internet content filter! What's going on?!!?

Yes, unfortunately as of Monday of this week we were notified that our Lightspeed filter must begin categorizing all blogs on blogspot.com as "ADULT" due to new widespread publication of pornography on Google Blogger sites. This change implements the highest level of filtering in order to protect all students.

Get your blog back! You can quickly and easily submit your blogspot URL address to request it be re-categorized as EDUCATION instead of ADULT.

Once you submit, your blog should be unblocked within 5 minutes

1. Go to this web address: https://archive.lightspeedsystems.com/
2. Type in your blogspot.com URL address
3. Type in your email address
4. Request your blog be re-categorized as "EDUCATION"

This works for other blocked educational sites as well including weebly, wix, and wordpress.  If you need access to a site at school that has been incorrectly categorized as "ADULT" please take a moment to submit it using the process above.

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