Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ESC Region 11 Real Video Library Contest

ESC Region 11 is pleased to announce the creation of a video library of real teaching. The completed video library will be offered to all districts in ESC Region 11, free of charge.

We’re building a free video library that will have dozens of real teaching examples of everything from differentiation and objective driven instruction to classroom management and more.


One of the best ways to improve teaching is to observe other teachers. But teachers rarely get the chance. Have you ever wondered what “differentiation,” “higher level thinking,” “classroom management ,” or a myriad of other things looks like in your colleagues’ classrooms across the region?  Well, let’s stop wondering and start learning using our greatest asset: our amazing teachers!

You may not think that the way you teach should be viewed as “exemplar” to someone else.  However, every teacher does things that another teacher would find useful.  

Most video libraries showcase highly produced “best practice” videos that are often difficult to relate to.  

Region 11 is committed to creating an extensive database of video examples that come from our very own teachers, authentically showcasing their skills.

We're hoping you'll join us and submit a video of your teaching practice! All ESC Region 11 teachers who submit a video and answer at least three reflection questions per video will be eligible to receive 2 free CPE hours per submission. In addition, all teachers who submit at least one video will also receive a free Real Practice T-Shirt.

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