Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Watauga 5th Grade Staarbucks Review Game

Emily Burch, 5th Grade Reading & Social Studies teacher at Watauga Elementary, has created stations and assessments to review her students for the upcoming STAAR assessment.  Students will spend the next few weeks reviewing key concepts in self-paced stations.  Students will also set goals and take several mini-assessments to check their understanding.

To make this review process more fun and engaging, Ms. Burch (along with the help of her DLS) has created a digital "STAARbucks" badging system.  Each student has been assigned a QR code that links to a Google Form.  When they complete a station, they will mark it complete on the form and earn a "5 STAARbucks" badge.  If they improve on a mini-assessment or reach a goal, they will mark it complete and earn a "10 STAARbucks" badge.

Ms. Burch will have access to a STAARbucks leaderboard she can display in class so students can see how they rank in the overall competition!  In addition she has printed the badges on label paper so the students also have a physical representation of the digital badges.

Want to know how Google can help you gamify learning in your classroom?  Check out these resources:

Interested in getting started with something like this in your classroom?  Reach out to your Digital Learning Specialist for help!


  1. Cool. Sounds fun. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. I adore this, Ms. Burch! I am so proud of the work you're doing. Way to go!