Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Birdville Teachers Represent at the Digital Learning Conference!

There are 37 possible learning sessions at the Spring Digital Learning Conference. Twenty two of those sessions are presented or co-presented by our own Birdville ISD teachers. We are proud to say, more teacher presenters than ever before.

Our team is especially excited to witness the growth mindset that many BISD teachers have adopted with regards to technology integration. Every day there are Birdville teachers who are becoming more and more comfortable with technology tools. From tools to help teachers be more efficient and effective, to tools students can use to demonstrate mastery. What's more, these teachers are willing to share what they know and encourage their peers to give new techniques a try.

Training and sharing of information has gone from simple tasks like learning to create a Google Doc to learning how to use Google Forms for formative assessment. The teachers, librarians, coaches and campus administrators that are presenting Saturday are all sharing techniques that go far beyond basic computer skills. At this conference teachers will be sharing things like how to implement Skype for authentic learning experiences, student digital goal setting and reflection, Google Earth for rigor and relevancy, virtual reality to learn about different cultures, engaging students through game based learning and flipping the research paper.

Come support your colleagues and learn something new this Saturday. It will be a morning of authentic learning, collaborating with your peers and a whole lot of fun and prizes thrown in. To find out more, check out our conference website. You find session descriptions and links on the Program page or click here to register.

Still not sure about attending? Join us on social media tonight by searching the hashtag #BirdvilleLearns. Conference presenters will be sharing previews of their sessions and answer any questions.

These teachers "Make Learning Pop!"
Jennie Bridger - Binion Elementary
Chad Morrissey. Annell Butler - Spicer Elementary
Emily Burch, Jenna Henderson - Watauga Elementary
Kristin Autrey, Kendall Hardgrove - GE Hardeman Elementary
Bridgette Lozano - CF Thomas Elementary
Chris Butts - Major Cheney Elementary
Sara Muetzenberg - Holiday Heights, Mullendore, and Green Valley Elementary
Sara Harris, Beth Muirheid, Jason Turner, Lanelle Arner Polak, Mary Hadley, Ashley Hodgson - Smithfield Middle School
Elizabeth Pauley, Julie Pursley, Mary Terry - North Richland Middle School
Deanna Rollette - North Ridge Middle School
Janet Erlinger - Shannon High School
Lindsay Barber - Haltom High School
Richelene Mekush - Walker Creek Elementary
Paul CookTrevor Seaman - North Oaks Middle School
Jamie Upthegrove - West Birdville Elementary


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