Monday, March 27, 2017

Creating Polls in YouTube's Creator Studio

Did you know that users can create polls using cards to videos uploaded to their YouTube channel? You can use cards to add interactivity to your videos. Cards can point viewers to a specific URL (from a list of eligible sites) and show customized images, titles, and calls to action, depending on the card type.  Place ‘cards’ through the video to create an interactive experience. The cards can be linked to your website, or other videos/playlists. Educators can link class notes and additional videos on same topic. Users can add up to 5 cards per YouTube video.

Polling Adds Interactivity To Video Content

Poll cards can allow students to participate in multiple choice polls directly in a teacher's YouTube video. Cards can display at a specific time in the video. Students or users must be logged in to their YouTube account to participate in a poll. To create a poll, users access their video manager on their YouTube Channel. Select the video to add the poll to and edit the video. In the top tab bar, select Cards and Add Card. Next to the Poll option, select Create. Polls can be edited as long as votes have yet to submitted.

Enter a poll question and short instructions in the teaser text. Users can include up to 5 choices. Users then select create card. Results can be viewed in real time in the Analytics section or in the card editor in YouTube's Creator Studio. Metrics include the distribution of votes. Individual responses at this time cannot be seen. To learn more, visit YouTube Help on Using Cards to Poll Your Viewers.

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