Monday, March 20, 2017

Differentiation for Inclusion Students with Canvas

Coach Dickerman and Coach Gomez’s Biology Inclusion class are using Canvas to incorporate student-centered learning.  With state testing coming up soon the need to increase rigor in the classroom is vital. "What prompted the idea was how can both teachers introduce and engage students to certain biology standards that would hold students accountable for learning the material. Using Canvas this will allow both advance and learning disabled students to achieve at a level and work at pace that is best for each individual. The Biology component that the teachers published featured  videos, quizzes, power points and short answer submissions that will remain open for  a certain time frame which will allow students to retake quizzes,  revisit power points or review material to increase their knowledge." -Gomez. With this type of technology , the ability to build and specialize lessons and activities within Canvas services all students including those who are in special education.  With continuing training and experience, they are excited about the opportunities and impact that Canvas will have on their classes. "The inclusiveness of Canvas helps incorporate the entire class but the ability to create opportunities for advanced learning is limitless."   -Coach Gomez

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