Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Enhancing Video Content in YouTube Creator Studio

YouTube's Creator Studio allows registered YouTube users to improve the organization of their YouTube channel, review channel analytics, interact with community, and create within YouTube.

Why Are YouTube Video Titles Important?

When users search for a video in YouTube, a relevant title can provide the answer they’re looking for. But that’s not the only function your video’s title serves. It also helps YouTube understand what your video is about, and when it should populate as a search result. That’s why identifying keywords and including them in your title is one of the best ways to optimize your videos. After uploading a YouTube video, users can add or modify video settings to include changing the title, providing a description, keywords, adding to a playlist, and changing visibility settings in Creator Studio.


Modify Video Content After Uploading to YouTube.

Users can edit video content within YouTube using Creator Studio such as trimming video content, slowing video footage, applying filters, and event special effects. Edit video directly in YouTube. Create a video with your own clips, creative common videos, photos and free soundtracks. Also,  add transitions and titles to perfect your video.

Access YouTube Creator Studio's Audio Library.

Did you know that YouTube Creator Studio includes access to over 150,000 featured royalty free audio tracks that are ad-free? In fact, audio content can be directly applied over existing footage in which a narrative is favored, music is favored, or music only. 


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