Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Record Video with Your Ladibug Document Camera

If you have a Ladibug document camera, and the Ladibug 2.0 software, you can easily record instructional videos to use in your classroom.

These videos could be used in many ways including:
  • Flipped Classroom, where students watch the whole-group instruction part of the lesson at home and class time is used for guided practice.
  • Tutorial videos posted for students to review.
  • Play the video during whole group instruction time so you can be more active around the room working with students. This is great for teachers who departmentalize and repeat lessons throughout the day.  
  • Record students reading their writing or explaining a concept.

First use the clipboard icon to enable the build in microphone.  Then use the video icon to record.  Videos are automatically saved to your computer in Documents in the Ladibug 2.0 folder.  From there you can upload them to Google Drive or YouTube and share them!

Click here for the Ladibug 2.0 User Manual

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