Monday, April 17, 2017

YouTube Live Stream

You probably have noticed many live streaming people and/or events on YouTube lately.  One of the most recent (and famous) live stream events was April the Giraffe's calf birth.  YouTube allows users to live stream from their account on the fly or allows you to schedule an event at for later time. BISD teachers already have a YouTube channel.  You can access your channel by traveling to YouTube, click on the Sign In button and enter your Username/Password for your 'g.birdvilleschools' Google account.  Click the link below for more information about live streaming on your YouTube channel and how to get started!

YouTube Live Streaming info

ACFT has been incubating some chicken eggs for the past few weeks and are anxiously awaiting their hatching.  Today, two eggs started to crack!  A YouTube live stream event has been set up and will be live for most of the evening.  They hope to see chicks soon!  The link below will take you to their live stream.

ACFT Egg Hatching

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