Wednesday, May 31, 2017

HyperDocs in a Blended Classroom

In order to help meet the needs of today's learners, Birdville is making a cultural shift towards the blended learning model. Three components of the model are flipping instruction, flexible grouping, competency-based learning and a HyperDoc can be a great plan for either one. A HyperDoc is a term used to describe a Google Doc that is used as a springboard that allows learners to hyperjump to a multitude of online resources, such as short videos, journal articles, online textbooks, and any other supplemental resources that can be accessed by a URL link. With a HyperDoc, it is all about hyperlinking.  When it comes to delivering a HyperDoc, you have several options. With Google Classroom you can make an assignment set for the students to make a copy of their own automatically. There are a couple of options with Canvas. You can share with a link set as view-only and attach the link on a content page or on an assignment page. If you are not using Canvas or Google Classroom, you can copy the share as a view-only link and use sites like, or to shorten the link and then project it on a screen or simply write it on the board. For more information on creating HyperDocs please contact the Digital Learning Team.

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