Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Keep Learning Alive

Hashtag Database Infographic

Grow your Professional Learning Network (PLN) this summer. My favorite “Google Guru”, Kasey Bell, has been hard at work collaborating with teachers to create an educational hashtag database. The database is searchable and can be filtered by grade level, subject area and more. To access the database, go to Kasey's blog. (shakeuplearning.com) See her blog-post titled The Educational Hashtag and Twitter Chat Database”.

Facebook Search field
There are over 90 hashtags at this time. Identify a few good Twitter Chats, open your favorite social media application and plug in one of the interesting hashtags from the database. Now, sit back and watch the information come to you. Think of it like a funnel for the Internet where all of the content is curated specifically for you or your interests.

Educational Hashtag Database Screenshot
Since summer break provides a little extra free time, consider participating in a Twitter Chat. Kasey’s database lists the days and times of each chat, so pick one that fits in best with your vacation schedule. It’s ok to just watch the Twitter Chat if answering questions makes you a little terrified.

By August you will have expanded your PLN and your MIND!  Thanks @shakeuplearning.

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