Monday, May 15, 2017

Teaching Media Literacy: A 2nd Grade Persuasive Writing and Green Screen Media Campaign

Green Valley Elementary students are learning about media literacy in Ms. Rhodes 2nd grade class. Recently, students have investigated media's influence in economics under the free enterprise system and completed a persuasive writing activity.


Students individually designed a cereal box and formulated a marketing campaign. Afterwards, students were placed in groups to write a persuasive commercial script, selecting one product to market. An example of a script can be seen below.

Using the Green Screen app by DoInk, students filmed a commercial using Birdville's district mobile green screen unit.  Students were very excited to have the opportunity to be creative, with some groups even securing a sports sponsorship. Props were encouraged. Ms. Rhodes used her Birdville Google account to upload video content in YouTube, which she can now share with parents. Contact your campus's digital learning specialist to learn more about the Green Screen app or to reserve the mobile green screen unit. Example products can be seen below.

Digital Learning Platform:  Students create an authentic task or product using the Green Screen app by DoInk. 

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