Wednesday, August 2, 2017

3 Digital Differentiation Tools for ELAR Teachers: Newslea, TweenTribune, & Rewordify,

Newsela is site that provides current event articles that are provided with different lexile reading levels. Spanish is also an option for some articles. Newsela has a free sign-up for educators.Teachers can assign articles to students with a class code or print off articles at different lexiles. In addition, historical speeches and primary sources available. Newsela's YouTube channel has many resources for learning about the functions of the site.

Rewordify is a site that simplifies difficult text. Students can copy and paste difficult texts into a box that will simplify it. This can help ELL students access complex content tasks at their comprehension level. If students have access to online textbooks, this can be helpful for higher-leveled texts. It also works with archaic language (think Shakespeare or the Gettysburg Address) and incorporates vocabulary into the "translation".

TweenTribune is a Smithsonian site that provides current event articles that come in different lexile levels. It provides grade ranges along the top, as well as lexile ranges within the articles.The visuals are great supports for ELLs and media literacy TEKS. Resources can be viewed in both English and Spanish. Technology-related articles are also a category.

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