Friday, March 3, 2017

Spicer Elementary 3rd Grade Math Classroom Using Quizizz for Interactive Review

Chad Morrisey's third grade math students enjoyed  participating in an interactive campus based assessment review using the app Quizizz. Quizizz is a free application that allows students to participate or host quiz games. Quizizz is accessible from any device and serves as a great application to assist with formative assessment. Mr. Morrisey introduced students to the application by playing the following video prior to launching the Quizizz.

After watching the video, students were placed in groups of two - three and were instructed to access the Quizizz using an iPad. Students join the Quizizz by typing in a code, similar to Kahoot. Unlike Kahoot which displays a multiple choice question on a large screen to the entire class, Quizizz displays multiple choice questions randomly displayed on a participant's individual device. Questions are player-paced and educators have access to real time results.

Mr. Morrisey enjoys using Quizizz as it allows for participants to have a personalized experience, with a self-paced approach. In addition, he is able to share data with the class in real time and monitor student progress. Mr. Morrisey plans to share about Quizizz and other formative assessment tools at our Spring Digital Learning Conference, April 1st.

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