Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Creative Common Resources for Research and Creation

As the year comes to an end, many students and educators are completing research projects and creating end of the year presentations. Presentations serve as an excellent opportunity to reflect, model best practices and teach good digital citizenship. Educators should be conscious of six different types of copyright uses in the classroom: reproducing, recording, preparing derivative works (such as a new arrangement), distribution, performance, and display. To learn more about copyright and fair use guidelines, check out the following Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers Chart. Here are a few resources to ensure that students have access to applications to assist with following good digital citizenship protocols during the creation process.

Search via Creative Commons

Creative Commons licensed resources are resources in which an artist shares media specifically for reuse with some rights reserved. The Creative Commons organization created a metasearch engine, an engine that queries third party search engines to populate results, to help users locate a range of different creative commons resources. Searching via the Creative Commons metasearch engine provides users with the ability to search audio, images, and video using Google, Flickr, Open Clip Art Library, Google Images, YouTube, SoundCloud, Wikimedia Commons, and other engines.

Google Slides enables users to search creative commons within the application. Users select insert, image from the top menu to access a search feature. 

Access Royalty Free Music

PurplePlanet Music offers royalty free usage for personal projects. Users are asked to credit PurplePlanet Music to creations prior to posting on social media sites, websites, blogs, or YouTube.

YouTube Creator's Studio not only offers all BISD Google users the opportunity to create within YouTube, it gives a platform to search creative commons video to add to your videos and embed thousands of royalty free music tracks to your video content. Videos can be shared with the world or set as private and only shared with certain users. 

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